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The Powder River Room

Powder River is a town in central Wyoming, a river that feeds (eventually) the Missouri and a geological region in the northeastern Wyoming and southeastern Montana.  “Powder River let her buck" is the rallying cry of the University of Wyoming football team, and was the anthem of a famous WWI regiment.  But more than that, it’s a spirit.

A spirit of courage… humor… hospitality… and friendship.

At our B&B, Powder River (Room) means a great night’s sleep and a better breakfast…a cup of coffee with newfound friends…a warm fire on a chilly winter night, springtime smells coming through the windows.

Bev and I aren’t Wyoming natives, she’s from Napa Valley and I’m a kid who grew up in a blue collar Chicago suburb - but we found something in Wyoming; it’s not just the open spaces or the vast canopy of blue sky and clouds; it isn’t only the ‘sideways’ tilt of the proud mountains, or the sound of melted snow running along a rock-strewn creek bed.  Wyoming is the warmth of the people, the awe inspiring view from Red Grade Road.  Wyoming is a sense of community, a firm handshake stronger than any contract, a cattle drive down Main Street on the way to summer pasture.  Wyoming is small town values wrapped up in a big heart, an open invitation to join us on our front porch, a street dance, an invitation to brand new calves or a glass of lemonade for a thirsty stranger.

The room?  A great big ol’ king-sized bed, a private bathroom, a fireplace, cowboy artifacts and a full-sized dose of the Powder River spirit – and it is waiting for you.

Who's-a-thought there were so many kinds of barbed wire?  Take a look at this display!

Right outside the door of thePowder River Room is a pair of chaps (pronounced shaps) hanging on the wall.  Bev's Aunt Jean, an accomplished horsewoman and trainer, lent them to us.  They've been in her part of the family for a long time - and they were worn on the last cattle drive from northern California into Oregon.  Imagine where else they've been!

Harrys Room

Actually this room is named after two Harrys.  Harry T. Benham was born in 1908, about the time his dad and mom built the house; he grew up here until he went off to the University.  Our Harry (Harry Bernard) lived here for several years until he went off to the University.  Today it features a pair of twin beds.  Great for adults, or kids, or one of each.   A shared bath is just down the hall.

We can imagine little Harry Benham as a tot pushing a chair over to the window so he could see outside.  As a boy, he might have climbed out the window to sit on the porch roof and watch the stars.  And as a teen he most certainly used it as a means to sneak into town on a warm summer evening.... 


The Key West Room

Monrng sun favors the Key West Room

Now and again, we’ve ended up in a magical place, almost by accident.  This room celebrates the sun, the rich pastels, the sea air and the relaxing style of Florida’s far, far southernmost tip – the launch pad to the Caribbean.  If you like morning sun, this is the room for you. Comfortable, light and bright, with a shared bathroom down the hall.


There's a seagull that guards this room.  When we purchased the gull, I asked the girl in the shop for a fitting name.  She said "call him Sam."  You can call him what you wish, as he is very hard of hearing and won't hear what you say.

The African Room

African Tribal Art When we travel across Europe, Asia and Africa, Bev always looks for unique folk crafts.

The rich colors, distinctive shapes and varied textures of our African tribal crafts are no substitute for a real Safari, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll be thinking about one when you leave.

We don't know if Carrie Benham travelled much, but as she lived here in the era of Theodore Roosevelt, and we can imagine her reading and dreaming about his African adventures. For that reason, we think she'd like this room's decor just as much as you will.


From the big screen tv with streaming media and the African artifacts to the amazingly comfortable king-sized bed, the African Room is a unique and satisfying experience.

 suprisingly nice bathroom

Spacious and interesting, this room has been a favorite of our international guests. You'll have your own bathroom with a rainforest showerhead, and big new windows to let the sun shine in if you wish.


AR vanity.

Moss Creek Suite

A bottle of Moss Creek ZinfandelIf you travel to California’s Wine Country, you’ll find big and small wineries, each unique and special.  Here, Bev’s grandfather, father and brother have worked the land that now produces grapes of amazing richness.  At ‘the Corners’ in Capell Valley, you’ll find Moss Creek Winery.  Our most elegant guest room, while far from Napa’s lush vineyards, will give you a taste of the casual elegance of a rich, proud tradition.  Open and spacious, from the LED screen on the ceiling to the large tub and private bath (the shower has a rainforest head - amazing), this room is modern, yet homey and relaxing.


Is there any better way to  put Interstate travel behind you?  Not likely.  A relaxing bath with the water jets hittiing all those stiff spots.  Yeah... that's the ticket.a ralaxing bath