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The Powder River Room

Powder River is a town in central Wyoming, a river that feeds (eventually) the Missouri and a geological region in the northeastern Wyoming and southeastern Montana.  “Powder River let her buck" is the rallying cry of the University of Wyoming football team, and was the anthem of a famous WWI regiment.  But more than that, it’s a spirit.

A spirit of courage… humor… hospitality… and friendship.

At our B&B, Powder River (Room) means a great night’s sleep and a better breakfast…a cup of coffee with newfound friends…a warm fire on a chilly winter night, springtime smells coming through the windows.

Bev and I aren’t Wyoming natives, she’s from Napa Valley and I’m a kid who grew up in a blue collar Chicago suburb - but we found something in Wyoming; it’s not just the open spaces or the vast canopy of blue sky and clouds; it isn’t only the ‘sideways’ tilt of the proud mountains, or the sound of melted snow running along a rock-strewn creek bed.  Wyoming is the warmth of the people, the awe inspiring view from Red Grade Road.  Wyoming is a sense of community, a firm handshake stronger than any contract, a cattle drive down Main Street on the way to summer pasture.  Wyoming is small town values wrapped up in a big heart, an open invitation to join us on our front porch, a street dance, an invitation to brand new calves or a glass of lemonade for a thirsty stranger.

The room?  A great big ol’ king-sized bed, a private bathroom, a fireplace, cowboy artifacts and a full-sized dose of the Powder River spirit – and it is waiting for you.

Who's-a-thought there were so many kinds of barbed wire?  Take a look at this display!

Right outside the door of thePowder River Room is a pair of chaps (pronounced shaps) hanging on the wall.  Bev's Aunt Jean, an accomplished horsewoman and trainer, lent them to us.  They've been in her part of the family for a long time - and they were worn on the last cattle drive from northern California into Oregon.  Imagine where else they've been!