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The African Room

African Tribal Art When we travel across Europe, Asia and Africa, Bev always looks for unique folk crafts.

The rich colors, distinctive shapes and varied textures of our African tribal crafts are no substitute for a real Safari, but maybe, just maybe, you’ll be thinking about one when you leave.

We don't know if Carrie Benham travelled much, but as she lived here in the era of Theodore Roosevelt, and we can imagine her reading and dreaming about his African adventures. For that reason, we think she'd like this room's decor just as much as you will.


From the big screen tv with streaming media and the African artifacts to the amazingly comfortable king-sized bed, the African Room is a unique and satisfying experience.

 suprisingly nice bathroom

Spacious and interesting, this room has been a favorite of our international guests. You'll have your own bathroom with a rainforest showerhead, and big new windows to let the sun shine in if you wish.


AR vanity.