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Moss Creek Suite

A bottle of Moss Creek ZinfandelIf you travel to California’s Wine Country, you’ll find big and small wineries, each unique and special.  Here, Bev’s grandfather, father and brother have worked the land that now produces grapes of amazing richness.  At ‘the Corners’ in Capell Valley, you’ll find Moss Creek Winery.  Our most elegant guest room, while far from Napa’s lush vineyards, will give you a taste of the casual elegance of a rich, proud tradition.  Open and spacious, from the LED screen on the ceiling to the large tub and private bath (the shower has a rainforest head - amazing), this room is modern, yet homey and relaxing.


Is there any better way to  put Interstate travel behind you?  Not likely.  A relaxing bath with the water jets hittiing all those stiff spots.  Yeah... that's the ticket.a ralaxing bath