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This Great Old House

early morning at the house

This great old house has seen much history.  It has hosted a lot of families, birthday parties, Christmas dinners, vegetable gardens and Rodeo Weekends.  If it could talk (and sometimes it seems almost ready to do so), it might tell of the first Model T to chug up Thurmond Hill, or the parade marking the end of WWI on Main Street.  Above it flew the first mail plane to Sheridan in 1927.  It might tell us of victory gardens in the 40’s, Soapbox Derbies in the 50’s and flower children in the 60’s.  Bing Crosby and Rudy Vallee probably sang from a Victrola in the great room, while Bill Haley ‘rocked around the clock’ upstairs in 1955.

The Dining Room has changed little since it was built.  New wires have been snaked up into the walls, and there are two new thermopane windows, a concession made to the cold winds of winter and the inability of the leaded glass to do the job. Sometime in the last eighty years a craftsman put a unique plaster design on the ceiling, but the lovely oak doors and trim and the battered oak floors are as they were.


There are cut nails in many of these walls, hand planed oak and cut glass windows…. But its also been modernized to guarantee your comfort.  

Our guest rooms are a mix of contemporary comfort and timeless elegance; here you can relax in a quiet neighborhood instead of an Interstate corridor. 

Each room has its own unique personality, no “cookie cutter” accommodations here!   History, travel, a step back in time or modern comfort, they’re all here.

Whatever your purpose: a much needed vacation, a romantic getaway, a special occasion, a short stopover or a business trip, Residence Hill Bed & Breakfast will be your quiet comfortable home for as long as you’re here.  Our graceful front porch columns will welcome you, the comfortable rooms will provide a warm friendly space, and the great breakfasts will set you off to conquer another day… or…  not.

The Great Room really is great.  Two seating areas, generous sunshine coming through the large windows, interesting things on the walls and shelves, unique woodwork and carved items.  Many conversations here have gone deep into then night - and not only since we've been here.  A hundred years ago when Sheridan was small and the world was a much simpler place, the same topics came up as they do now.  Commerce and religion, politics and technology, families and childrearing.  "Will Wilson keep us out of war?", "Will gramaphones replace the piano?".  "Did you see the new Simpson Sears catalogue?", "How should one discipline a sassy child?"

In this room you'll find unique items from Kenya and Cairo, the Arabian desert and south India, Malaysia and Pakistan, the Phillipines and Istanbul. The same sun that shines through the windows onto them now, shone on them when they were crafted.  The same warm laughter and conversation that fills the room today echoed here in 1910 and before.  Yes the room really is great.

Big Spaces

When we host a wedding party or family reunion, you can often find folks on our porch, which has two seating areas, at the rather big dining room table or in the ’great room’.  Our goal at the B&B is not to treat you as customers or clients, or even guests, but to make your stay comfortable and treat you like family (except we don’t ask you to clean under your bed!).

These big spaces allow us to do that – by letting you gather with family and friends in a comfortable place where you can concentrate on relaxing, on conversations and on building relationships.  Of course, privacy is available in your private room.

Big Big Spaces

Many guests take a walk in our neighborhood, because Residence Hill is chock full of beautiful homes, most are old but a few are new (think 1960-ish).  Other guests walk down and back to Main Street and the town center.  Some grab a map and walk Sheridan’s pathway system.porch view

Really Big Spaces

If you want really big spaces, you can hike some of the many trails in our mountain range.  Few visitors walk away from the Big Horn Mountains unimpressed, for they are stupendously beautiful.  If your preference is for flatter territory, Wyoming’s got hundreds of square miles of almost empty prairie to drive about in.