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About Us

Bev & Rob in Alaska for their 30th AnniversaryWe're Rob & Bev Bernard, happily married for thirty-four years.  Twenty-two kids have lived under our roof - five of our own and seventeen foster children.  We’ve lived overseas, and travelled too - more than thirty countries populate the pages of our passports.  Between us we’ve written a book, taught university, college and high school classes, brought vision to a struggling hospital, run two successful businesses, been nominated for several Chicago Emmys, hitchhiked across America, and served two tours in Vietnam. 

We are also homebodies and people-persons.  We’d rather cook and eat at home than eat out.  We’ll invite a stranger to dinner at the drop of a hat, and each year travel to the far side of the world to see old friends. 

Why we like it here, and know you will too.

Bev and I love this old house.  We’ve been working on it for years, and have found a good balance between the old and the new, between Victorian elegance and modern conveniences.   

We’re ‘newcomers’ to Sheridan, as we only moved here in 1990.  We stay because small town values still matter and there is a sense of lasting history.  Generations of the same families live here, the kids we coached in soccer are now coaching our grandkids, and some streets are named after families we know.  We like it because we can cheer for both sides in a ball game and everyone knows it’s okay.   We can listen to concerts in the park in front of the band shell or from the hill behind our house.  People wave to us as they drive by our front porch and we know who they are.  We’ve learned the mountains look and feel different when the weather and seasons change.

Sheridan is somewhere between Bev’s rural Napa Valley childhood and Rob’s Chicago suburban upbringing.  It’s been the perfect launch pad for our five kids and for us when we moved to the Arabian Peninsula for six years.  When we return from our regular trips to the far side of the world, it is home.  

Renovating this old house

If Carrie Benham returned today she’d recognize the great room, the parlor, the formal dining room, and the porch.  She’d also be surprised and (hopefully) delighted with the kitchen and other updated areas.

If anyone tells you it’s easy to re-make an old house, they’ve never done it.  Old oak will put splinters in your hands, paint stuck windows will fight to the death, and eliminating a coal bin requires dust control planning of the highest order.  But its also an archeological exercise.  We’ve discovered petrified wood under the porch, an American flag with 46 stars, evidence the back porch was moved three times, a toy car from the 1940’s, comics from the 50’s and a Campbell's Soup can from the Depression.  Only when we diligently removed layers and layers of paint did we discover that pinkish orange (ugggh!) was a popular trim color in the 19 whatevers.  We also learned (no surprise here), that not everyone is cut out to be their own plumber, roofer or electrician – as we eliminated many questionable home repairs and brought the home up to code.