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Our Breakfast

Posted by Administrator on Mon, Jun 20 2011 15:41:00

Breakfast Bar

You smell it before you hear it – the aroma of freshly baked bagels makes its way upstairs and gently teases your breakfast appetite.  Then, the kitchen sounds are heard as you head down the stairs.  Stirring the juice, breaking eggs, the sputter of cooking bacon.  You sniff again.  Coffee’s ready for sure, its freshly ground and hot!

At Residence Hill, our guests enjoy Bev's generous family style breakfast in our spacious dining room every morning.   We typically serve it at 8:00 am.

brreakfast gathering

You'll discover a leisurely post-breakfast coffee tastes better on our front porch, and somehow, the conversation is even better.

bagels & fruit

From about 5:30 am until the morning dishes are done, the kitchen is the heart of the B&B.  We didn't design the kitchen for serving guests, but it turned out to be nearly perfect for that purpose. This is the kitchen you dream about when you are wedged into your first apartment, or rebuilding one on a budget as we did in our Chicago bungalow in the early 80's.  Some of the ideas came from discussions in Califorinia when we were raising four kids, some from a decade later when we had five children.  

Abundant storage space, lots of counter space, room for kids to do homework, great lighting and an easy to clean floor.  Add the smell of a great cook using quality ingredients and include fresh hot coffee - that's the recipe for a great kitchen.