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There's One Rule

Posted by Administrator on Mon, Oct 17 2016 18:53:00

There’s One Rule... at Bev’s breakfast table: if you go away hungry, it isn’t her fault.

I’ve stated this to hundreds of B&B guests, generally after they’ve pushed back from the table to assess whether they want a 2nd or 3rd helping of something.  And when they’re finished having a very good breakfast, Bev comes in with some plastic sandwich bags and explains that she bakes every morning, then she encourages them to take the extra’s with them. On countless occasions, we’ve had guests return from a day trip and tell us their breakfast leftovers were all they needed for lunch.

Some mornings, our neighbors get special treatment, for Bev and I bring leftovers to them.  When we knock on their door in the morning, neighbors ALWAYS answer!

There’s a history behind this.  It has something to do with our five kids, their friends who sometimes dropped in, and the foster kids we had over the years.  All were hungry, all were well-fed, most left satisfied (hey, some were teenagers...).  When we lived overseas, we hosted potluck suppers for our church friends, and sometimes as many as 60 of them would come to our large home, each family bringing a specialty from their homeland (they represented more than 2 dozen nationalities!).

So when you come to Residence Hill, plan on a great night’s sleep and yes, a terrific breakfast.  Also anticipate great conversation with other guests, breakfast leftovers for later in the day, and a caution from me “if you leave hungry, it isn’t Beverly’s fault."