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Ready Set Go

Posted by Administrator on Fri, Jun 16 2017 12:21:00

This is turning out to be as much fun as any B&B season we’ve had.  The weather has cooperated – not too hot, the wildflowers are out in the mountains, enough rain to keep the countryside green, but not constantly drenching the guests as they travel about enjoying this lovely place we call home.

Several nights ago we had a couple celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary!  Another morning our breakfast table conversation was with three couples from the UK, and some remembered the post-WWII rations they grew up with.  Stephen travelled from Ireland to scope out the idea of becoming a ranch hand for a while.  I think he needs a break after attaining his Master’s degree in medieval history.  Our across-the-street neighbors spent the night here while their newly graduated daughter had her girlfriends over for a celebratory sleep over; in the morning, I noticed their B&B bedroom window, which faces their house, was open.  Once a parent… always a parent!

Sheridan and its restaurants, museums, mountains, street fair and historical areas has not disappointed a single guest… once again we’re hearing the refrain “if we’d known how delightful (wonderful, amazing, terrific, interesting) Sheridan is, we’d have planned to stay longer.”

And the “Ready… set…go!” of this blog’s title?  It’s for our two night stay guest Lynda who began a one hundred mile run five hours ago.

You go girl!