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Now I Know Why

Posted by Administrator on Thu, May 11 2017 07:01:00

“Now I know why”, said a recent guest, “my granddaughter loves this town.”

The speaker, visiting from the Chicago area, had heard her granddaughter talk about Sheridan for two years, and came out for a visit.  She was enthralled by Sheridan, as many people are.

If you are looking for a place to remind you of the small towns you knew as a youngster – friendly, safe, clean and fun, Sheridan is it.

And yes, I’m biased.  But I’ve travelled to over 30 countries and been in 45 or 46 U.S. states, so my viewpoint is not narrow.

Sheridan has avoided the ‘ghost town’ look of many communities.  Our Main Street is alive and well.  There’s good shopping here, adequate parking, and well maintained infrastructure.   Most of the businesses are family owned, and you can tell, folks are friendly and knowledgeable.

We’re economically sound.  Sheridan has a diverse range of successful small and medium sized employers, and our larger employers are well established.

The region is beautiful and the Bighorn Mountains are picturesque and minutes away. 

The nearby hills and rangeland feature a diverse mix of small and large ranches and homes in an uncrowded environment.  The crisp white of winter and the lush green of spring make great photos.

Our parks, theaters, rodeos and fairs are fun-filled and relaxing.  We’ve got sculptures on Main Street, and it is blocked off for parades, a farmers market and festivals.  Sometimes you’ll see a horse and rider clip clopping down the street.

Come to Sheridan, stay a few days.  Travel back to a more  accommodating era.