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Harry Benham is Doing Better

Posted by Administrator on Thu, Jul 19 2012 07:49:00

On December 27, 1911, a bit over one hundred years ago, the Sheridan Enterprise reported that H. C. Benham was somewhat improved. His "greatly aggravated attack of quincy" seems to have lifted. 'Quincy' or 'Quinsy' seems to be an archaic term for tonsillitis run amok.

newspaper article about Harry Benham

A more modern term (and definitely less palatable) is 'Peritonsillar Abscess'. If you truly want the gory details, go here. Sadly - his father, Jacob died while Harry was sick, as was reported in the Enterprise of December 22, 1911. The good news is he got better, going on to become (from his bio): director and v-pres. Sheridan County Bldg. & Loan Assn., since organization, 1912; director and pres. Sheridan Business Men’s Club, 1914; director and v.-pres. Sheridan Commercial club, 1912-1914; first president Denver-National Parks Highway Assn., 1913; pres. Sheridan Good Roads Club, 1913-1914; mem. Masons, York rite; Past High Priest R. A. Masons.

Surfing in Wyoming

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Jul 11 2012 11:18:00

A lazy Sunday afternoon with too much time on the Internet sometimes reveals nice surprises.  Today I happened upon wyohistory.org a project of the Wyoming State Historical Society.

I read about the Johnson County War.  It was the basis of the 1953 movie Shane, with Alan Ladd and Jean Arthur.

When one adopts a place as one’s home, there is always much to learn.  In my case I was also looking for more information on Harry Benham, who built our home.  No luck there, but the web site has a lot of neat stuff.  Check it out.

John B. Kendrick

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Jul 11 2012 10:35:00

Sheridan County records indicate that John B. Kendrick was the first owner of the property that later became known as Residence Hill.  His influence in Sheridan is still evident.  Sheridan's delightful City Park is Kendrick Park, and generations of kids have splashed in Kendrick Pool.  Kendrick Mansion regally overlooks the old part of town (see Sheridan's Trail End State Historic Site), and visitors can golf at Kendrick Golf Course.

photo John KendrickHis biography from the Men of Wyoming reads:

John B. Kendrick, governor of Wyoming; cattleman; (Dem.) b. Sept. 6, 1857, Cherokee county, Texas; s. of John Harvey and An.na (Maye) Kendrick; educ. pub. Schls. Florence, Williamson county, Texas; raised on a Texas ranch; cowboy on the Texas Trail, beginning March 17, 1879; trailed cattle from Matagardo Bay, Gulf coast, to the head of Running Water, in Wyoming, 1,500 miles; was employed by chas. W. Wulfjen, whose daughter he afterward married; arrived in Wyoming Aug. 27, 1879; continued in the employ of Mr. Wulfjen until spring 1883 as foreman of his outfit: built what is known as the Ula ranch in eastern central Wyoming during this time; in 1883 he returned to Texas and invested  his savings in a small bunch of cattle and placed them with another  herd belonging to his former employer, trailed them to the head of the Cheyenne river in Wyoming; acted as foreman for and became an owner of the Lance Creek Cattle Co., 1885-7; range manager of the Converse Cattle Co., 1887-97; succeeded the Converse Cattle Co., in business 18097, buying their ranch and herd remnants; has continued actively in the cattle business since; interested in the coal mining fields of Sheridan county and is heavily interested in Wyoming real estate; pres. First National Bank, Sheridan 1900-2; Wyo. State Senator, 1911-15; Democratic candidate for  U. S. senator, 1912; pres. Wyoming Stockgrowers’ Assn., 1909-13; v-pres. National Livestock Assn., 1910-15; governor Wyoming 1915-1919; mem. 32 deg. Mason; Elks. Home Sheridan, Wyo. Address:  Cheyenne Wyoming.

I don’t know what Carrie Benham would think of this...

Posted by Administrator on Mon, Jul 09 2012 09:33:00

Gramaphone circa 1912

...but Harry (Bernard - our Harry, not the Benham's Harry) has finished wiring the five guest bedrooms, our downstairs bedroom, the living room and the kitchen ‘puter for Internet, streaming media, cable and phone. He thinks our signal from the upstairs might make it as far as the very top of Thurmond Hill. And he’s installed hardware firewalls, secured login and all the other bells and whistles (of course).

What would Carrie say? A century ago, when she wanted to talk to somebody, she leaned over the fence or had the operator connect her to another one of Sheridan’s several phones. If she wanted to send a ‘text message’, she wrote it by hand on stationary and stuck a 2 cent stamp on the envelope. And media? Streaming? Well she might have had scratching media - a gramophone.

We’ve got six bedrooms and five bathrooms, an attic and a basement, living and dining rooms, a pantry, laundry room, garage, shed, back yard, front porch and hallways all with WiFi. So now we can play ‘Words with Friends’ with someone else anywhere in the house without actually talking to them, or seeing them…. What would Carrie think of this?

Why Residence Hill?

Posted by Administrator on Sun, Jun 26 2011 11:26:00

Residence Hill is the name on the original subdivision plats in county records, and for decades the neighborhood was also called ‘Pill Hill’, because many town doctors lived here.

This was an early 'planned' neighborhood.  The idea of large houses on the top of Thurmond Hill must have been appealing to the bankers, business owners, doctors and lawyers of the growing town of Sheridan.  This hill is where they would reside.... it would be.... Residence Hill.  The new neighborhood would offer a great view, close to town and high above the noise of a growing community. 





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