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Wyoming. Like Colorado Used to Be.

Posted by Administrator on Wed, Feb 19 2014 15:52:00

The Wyoming Office of Tourism sent me an email. 

They said:

Wyoming's tourism economy continues to grow. A preliminary assessment of Wyoming's travel and tourism impact shows a 4.6% growth in visitors to the state in 2013. Visitors to Wyoming increased from 8.67 million people in 2012 to 9.07 million people in 2013. This follows strong growth in the past three years, with total visitor volume increasing over 20% since 2009, which is twice that of the national average.

This is only our third year as a B&B, so the growth we’re seeing is mostly the normal growth a successful new business should expect.  For us, all growth is new growth, but we're happy for our visitor-serving colleagues around the state.

At Residence Hill we see a good number of folks coming north from Colorado. They say:

“When we first came to Colorado (20 or 30 or 40 or 50 years ago), it was clean and beautiful. You could go into the mountains and not see another person for a long while.”

They often add,

“In those days, roads weren’t crowded, people were friendly and everything felt kinda safe”.

Hmmmm.  I know the feeling, I first showed went to Colorado in 1968, courtesy of the United States Air Force.  And back then, it was different.

But progress happened.  That’s good in some ways, but bad in others.

Wyoming’s still got the empty spaces, a lot of it.  We have clean blue skies as far as you can see.  Rushing streams, whistling elk, wildflower carpets as tall as your shin.  We get to see clouds dance atop the mountains, circling hawks, and eagles guarding their nested young.

Just like it was down in Colorado when I was a kid.  But nowadays, I’m told, it isn’t the same anymore.

So to my Colorado neighbors I say “Come to Wyoming for a spell.  It’s like Colorado used to be….”.

(And my neighbor Jeff next door would likely add “but don’t stay too long and close the gate when you leave.)

Hidden Treasures

Posted by Administrator on Tue, Feb 18 2014 09:24:00

Some time ago, I was removing trim from around the floor of an upstairs bedroom. 

I found a 6 of Hearts, and wondered how long the family used a 51 card deck, or if they did what my brothers and I used to do, and doctored a joker card.  Of course, by the time we did it, the Joker was the only card that wasn’t all worn on the edges, so we could tell right away which card was the stand-in.

Found behind floor trim.

A one cent post card featured a stamp of William McKinley, our 25th president.  He served from March, 1897 to September, 1901, when he was assassinated. The Internet says the 1 cent rate lasted until 1919, so there is no way to tell exactly how old the card is.

Another card was file card or recipe card size.  It urged me to vote for Carl L. Sackett for Judge.  Mr. Sackett (1876-1972), a Sheridan attorney, clearly had the full support of J.F. Hoop, Chairman, and Geo. W. Hall Secretary, of the Democratic Central Committee, Fourth Judicial District.

According to this campaign literature, Mr. Sackett could be counted on because of his energy and decision, thorough knowledge of legal principals, and unimpeachable character, honor and integrity.

Unimpeachable character? Honor and integrity?  “Show me the ballot box right now!” I thought.

But my favorite paper treasures were the cut out pictures and the paper doll dress.

There was some color on the cut outs – and the reverse side of the larger one featured part of a story, it been cut from a book.  The obverse side of the dress said “US Patent February 20th 1894” and “Copyright by Raphael Tuck and Sons Co. LTD”.  I also learned that Raphael Tuck's company was “Publisher to Her Majesty the Queen".

I was honored.  In my mind I had access to a truly stalwart politician and a close connection to the Queen of England.

Frank's Family

Posted by Administrator on Tue, Jun 18 2013 16:01:00

Frank's family came to stay for a spell.  They came from as far as New England and as close as the Rocky Mountains west of here.  The patriarch of the family is a Korean War vet with a Slovak heritage. This weekend, surrounded by family, has been special for him and his wife.  And we got to help.

We didn't know when we started the B&B that we would help magic happen.  But to see Frank's family in full interaction mode, all connecting with each other, laughing, telling stories, sharing hopes and dreams... well that's the magic of a family reunion….and we get to help.

The littlest one more or less learned to walk on our front porch. He's the sweetest little guy, full of smiles, with sparkling blue eyes.  A delight to his grandparents, uncles, aunts, and the greats - great aunt, great grandparents.  And he knows it.  Come October, he'll be a big brother, and no longer the center of the universe.  That'll be an interesting transition....

Frank's family loved Bev’s breakfasts, as everyone does, and found the beds to be more comfortable than they expected, as most everyone does. What they didn’t expect was how easy it was to sit on our porch and watch the world go by, or how normal it was to gather in the living room for the Spurs basketball game.

Years ago I designed and built some sets for a couple of theater productions.  I learned that it’s easy to set the stage if you have the time, but the magic comes from the people.  That was true this weekend too.  Bev and I set the ‘stage’ – the B&B, but the magic came when Frank's family came together.  And we got to help.

25 and 200 and 3

Posted by Administrator on Mon, May 27 2013 15:14:00

Yesterday tripadvisor© posted our twenty-fifth guest review.  I told Bev we must we doing something right, because everyone of them is five stars.  Every  one.  Click on the tripadvisor© logo to the right to see if I’m kidding.

And now at the end of May we have nearly as many bookings as occurred in all of 2012 (our first year).

And since last summer three new restaurants have opened in Sheridan.  And our guests have raved about each of them.

And…  the good weather’s here, our garden is getting just enough rain to flourish, the lilacs are smelling great and Bentley the Guard Cat has made peace with Blackie, the cat from across the street.

Ain't it a great year?

Travel Planning Resources

Posted by Administrator on Sun, May 05 2013 21:14:00

Some of our guests pass through Sheridan and only stop for dinner and a night plus breakfast with us.  And some of them tell us, if they’d known what Sheridan offered, they’d have planned for more time here. As a service to them, I wrote a bit today, while looking out the window at our amazing Bighorn Mountains.

The Wyoming Historical Society has upgraded to a beautiful new web site.    My favorite article is The Coal Camps of Sheridan County, which talks about the abandoned towns around here.  Another great resource is Wyoming Tales and Trials.  Their selection of Sheridan photos is just plain fun.  Another great place to wander online and learn about Sheridan is the Sheridan County Historical Society.  They’ve created a terrific museum, and their web page on History Adventures will help you plan your trip to Sheridan County.

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